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Technology: The Catalyst for National Development — Landmark College, Ikorodu
May 7, 2024 at 11:00 PM
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Today, Landmark College, Ikorodu, hosted its Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Day with great success.

This impactful event was a collaborative effort among the college science department, mathematics/ ICT department, and technology & vocational department.

Held in the college hall, the day was filled with engaging presentations, including quiz competitions skillfully coordinated by Mrs Adenike Faseyitan, and a delightful musical interlude performed by the college orchestra group.

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Addressing the attendees, Mrs Funmilola Ayoade, the head of the science department, warmly acknowledged the staff's active participation in ensuring the success of the event.

She highlighted the pivotal role of STEM in bolstering students' confidence in science-oriented subjects.

"The introduction of STEM at our school has significantly enhanced students' creativity, critical thinking, and discovery capabilities," remarked Ayoade.

During the event, Fayd Okubadejo, a science student, emphasised the transformative power of technology as a catalyst for national development.

He advocated for stronger collaboration between the government and business sectors to leverage technology for the advancement of Nigeria

"If properly utilised, technology will propel Nigeria towards greatness," Okubadejo asserted.

Similarly, Olamide Owoseni, a student in Senior Secondary School Two, expressed optimism about the potential of technology to elevate Nigeria.

"Nigeria can become one of the leading developed nations globally," Owoseni affirmed.

She reminisced about Nigeria's past glory and emphasised the potential of technology to reignite the country's prosperity.

Attendees at the event included Mr Sanni, J.A., the Principal, along with vice principals, heads of departments, and teaching staff.

The highlight of the occasion was the presentation of prizes, where winners of the quiz competitions were acknowledged and celebrated.

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