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Student Mentoring at Landmark College, Ikorodu, Lagos

| Mentoring

All the members of staff are involved in the mentoring programme of our school. Every teacher is a Mentor who is on the headship of a mentoring family consisting of a small number of students (usually 6-10) who are known as the Mentees. The mentor is an adviser, helper, teacher, confidant and a friend to the students. Words of wisdom guiding behaviour are shared with them. Although our mentoring programme takes place every Wednesday, our mentoring activities transcend specific days or hours, distance or physical walls that may exist between the Mentor and the Mentee. Mentoring is every time, every day!

Two students working together.
| Character Building

It is often said that it is of little traits that the greatest human character is composed. Against this background, Landmark College secondary school in Lagos strives in all that we do to inculcate in our students the need to build their character right from the beginning of their lives and we help them in this area through our different programmes including the Mentoring, Character Counts, and others.


    Our counselling is done in two ways; individual and group counselling. In individual counselling, there is one-to-one relationship between the counselee and the counselor. In group counselling, the counsellor is involved with a group of counselees, which posits that people benefit from shared experiences. Usually group counseling is focused on a particular issue.


    In addition to the counselling services offered by us, we also organize seminars and workshops for our students bringing together resource persons who can encourage and enable them discover and develop their skills in different subject areas.


    Leadership has been described as a difficult term to define but Landmark College understands that leadership is about influencing people in order to get them enlisted in an activity to achieve a set objective. If the true measure of leadership is influence, it follows that the success of future leadership depends on the skills they acquire now. Landmark College prides itself on instilling sense of value and responsibility in the students. The students here learn beyond the structured courses included in the curriculum.

    Our leadership training programmes include:

    • Supervised Occupational Experience Programme (SOEP)-
    • Sea School Leadership Training
    • Mentoring
    • Student Representative Council (SRC)
    • Character Counts™ program

    Special In-House and External Training Programmes for Prefects

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    Weekly Mentoring (Wednesday 16th March, 2022)

    Note book auditing was observed across all classes (JS1 - SS3). Students' notes were checked by mentors to ensure they are up to date.

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