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Secondary School Boarding Program

Landmark College, Ikorodu, Lagos

| Boarding

Our secondary school boarding program in Lagos has facilities that ensure student boarders enjoy benefits such a close and long-lasting friendships and immediate access to staff that can assist with studies. There is an excellent range of facilities and activities offered. A maximum of 4 students share well-decorated en-suite bedrooms and, are encouraged to make their rooms feel like home. Students are allowed a reasonable degree of freedom to encourage a sense of responsibility and to prepare them for adult life. For efficient study time, study rooms (with computers), well furnished with comfortable wooden chairs are provided.

Boarding facilities.

Also, to ensure that students have adequate time for relaxation and socialization, a well-furnished common room with television sets connected to the satellite have been put in place. There is adequate monitoring and supervision regarding the use of computers and television in the hostels.

Hostel staff comprises resident House parent (Father and Mother), Housemasters and Housemistress, qualified registered nurses and one of two assistants who are always on hand to ensure your child’s welfare and happiness.

To cater for student’s spiritual needs, fellowships are regularly organized for Christian and Muslim students on Fridays and Sundays. Religious tolerance and respect for each other’s beliefs is encouraged and taught. Discipline is an integral part of the school’s core values and adequate penalty is meted to erring students as stipulated in the Boarding House and School’s Rule and Regulations. Visiting days for parents and guardians are fixed for the first Sundays of every month; however parents can make academic visits on appointments.

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