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About Landmark College

Secondary School in Ikorodu, Lagos

| Founder's Message

Landmark College was born out of my desire and burning passion to provide a qualitative and self-reliant secondary education for children in Nigeria. I believe in the need to raise a generation of patriotic citizens who possess the virtues and values that will place our nation on the same pedestal with respectable nations of the world, hence my commitment to founding a ssecondary school in Lagos where young minds are groomed and taught the right values.

To achieve this, Landmark College is situated in a serene environment, devoid of the ugly trends commonly found around. Since the environment has a great impact on the mind, attitude and growth, care has been taken to provide infrastructures, facilities and an environment that have the ambience of beauty.

The board of governors comprising successful professionals has meticulously fashioned out the guidelines to carefully appoint qualified teachers and workers who are competent, efficient and committed. Because ours is a learner-centered college, the staff in their daily interaction with the students, extend kindness, empathy, care and concern to the students entrusted to them. The counseling unit, manned by well-trained and experienced counselors, provides the needed support for students. They (the counsellors) guide them in their choice of subjects, interpersonal relationships and contribute to building in them a high self-esteem.

The team of selfless staff is headed by an experienced and a devoted educationist whose vision for the students in the college goes beyond just passing examinations. We pursue the vision of producing total persons who are nurtured for nobility and academic excellence.

I remain grateful to all our parents who have demonstrated their faith in us by entrusting their children to our care. I assure you that Landmark College remains a testimony of excellence in keeping with our slogan ‘marked for excellence’.

Founder of Landmark College.
| Mission, Vision and Core Values

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    Our Vision
    To be a reference point in the provision of qualitative and self-reliant education for children in Nigeria
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    Our Mission
    Landmark College is a reputable co-educational institution committed to the empowerment of today’s children for future leadership challenges.
| Our Core Values

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    Hard Work
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    Team Work
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| The Mustard Seed

The history of Landmark College boarding school in Lagos is a concrete proof that the true test of desire is in pursuits. It was desire, and an insatiable craving for excellence that prompted a group of professionals to consider setting up a college bereft of all the myriads of problems confronting schools in this part of the world; inadequate infrastructure, poorly trained teachers, obsolete and irrelevant curriculum etc.

The desire, coupled with a deep seated passion to bridge the constantly widening gulf of slipshod leadership in both the private and public sectors led to setting up of the school, principally to provide quality and self-reliant education for children in Nigeria and to empower today’s children for future leadership challenges.

Run by a committed and altruistic board, the “mustard seed” of this stupendous ingenuity was planted in the heart of one of the board members who was once a teacher. After one of his mind-numbling classes, he got so exhausted with the monotonous nature of the job that he decided to call it quits with the profession, promising to stage a comeback. That was in 1987. Today, that mustard seed is gradually evolving into an imposing iroko tree (chlorophora excelsa), towering higher than its contemporaries. Though out of the teaching profession, the dream and the promise to stage a comeback continually hunted the teacher now turned banker. After finding it difficult to resist the nudge to stage a comeback to his “first love” – teaching profession, he called up some of his allies and together the dream became a reality.

On 17th September 2007, a day that will remain indelible in the annals of history, the school opened for its maiden academic session with fifty eight (58) students. A month later, precisely on the 22nd of October 2007, the school was officially opened with pomp and pageantry. The long but exciting walk into a great future for Landmark College has started. From where we stand, we can see the future clearly – it is indeed very bright and glorious. Alumni of this great college will be heads of governments, captains of Industries, selfless philanthropists, clergy men and women.

Indeed, the dreams of yesterday are the realities of today.

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| What we’re up to
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