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Personalized Learning

Landmark College Secondary School, Ikorodu, Lagos

At Landmark College secondary school in Lagos, we do not select our students based on their academic prowess. Our entrance exam is used to identify particular strengths and to ensure that new students who join us are comfortable with the pace and level they are assigned at the beginning.

Our favourite saying, known to all of our parents is that "we turn ducklings into beautiful swans".

Landmark College is committed to bring the best out of every child with an assigned individual learning path. Lessons are tailored to maximize the progress of each student.

With an average class size of 18 students, our students are able to produce positive social, emotional, and academic results.

Landmark College is proud of our external examination results which is known to consistently outperform other schools. We capitalize on students’ instinctive abilities combined with a purposeful design of blended instruction to combine face-to-face teaching, technology-assisted instruction and student-to-student collaboration to leverage each student’s interests for deeper learning.

Students studying together in the library.
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