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| An Overview of the Guidance & Counselling Unit

The counselling unit at our secondary school in Lagos plays a vital role in boosting student achievement, self-esteem, and help students overcome learning barriers. The counselling unit consists of three trained professional counsellors who are kind, friendly and approachable.

The counsellors are ready to attend to the students educational, vocational and personal social aspects of life. There is also a school counsellor in the hostel who monitors the students academically and attends to their emotional needs.

The counsellors work on students career readiness and expose them to the prospects of various professions through the career guidance. In addition the school organises Career day programme during which different professionals in various fields enlighten the students about the prerequisite for various careers they intend to study in the higher institution.

The students are exposed to a two (2) weeks training in an organization relevant to their choice of careers called the ‘SOEP’ (SUPERVISED OCCUPATIONAL EXPERIENCED PROGRAMME). They learn the basic requirement for their choice of career as well as have practical experience. This programme is supervised by the school counsellors.

The students are prepared for life outside the four walls of the classroom through “mentoring session’’, ‘’thoughts for the week’’ to instill in them the value of citizenship and a sense of accomplishment. We also promote self-confidence, self discipline and pay keen attention to detailed traits they need in their adult life.

The students do weekly assessment to make them develop the habit of studying always and not wait till examination time. The first three students in each class are recognized on the school assembly and the last three in each class are also monitored by the school counsellors. The students are closely monitored in this regard and remedial lessons are organized for them at no cost to parents.

Various leadership seminars are also organized for the students in and outside the school. The SS2 students are exposed to leadership training at the Citizenship and leadership training centre (SEA SCHOOL) Apapa, Lagos.

‘’My greatest reward is seeing a student who has struggled in the past to have a ‘light bulb’ moment where they realize what they need to change in order to take responsibility for their own success’’ Durr says.

Students gathered around a display.
| Guidance & Counselling

The world today is filled with arrays of options that individuals, especially the youths need guidance more than ever to make informed choices. Students are a part of this youth population and they need to be helped to achieve self-understanding and self-direction in order to achieve personal goals.At Landmark College, counselling focuses on the total development of every student through different programmes designed to find the highest value for learning and career development.

The Guidance Counsellor interacts well enough with the students to stimulate in them positive response to the emotional, social and personal challenges that often impede the growth of individuals. Parents are also offered the best advice on how to handle their children while teachers are encouraged to live a life worthy of emulation.

  • Dr. Nwagwu A.C.

    Our Counselling Unit is headed by Dr. Nwagwu Ada Chinwe, a Counselling Psychologist. She holds a Ph.D in Counselling Psychology and M.Ed in Guidance and Counselling from University of Ibadan; and a Bachelor’s degree in Religion Education from University of Jos. Her interests are in vocational guidance counselling, individual and group counselling, social adjustment concerns, academic planning, relation skills, consultation and outreach, management and organization issues. There are 2 other counselors, both of them gradutes of guidance and counseling. One of the councellors also serves as house mother providing counseling service for children in the hostel.

Landmark College Guidance and Counselling areas of services include but are not limited to the following:

    • Learner support
    • Career guidance
    • Organizing seminars and workshops for students
    • Organizing leadership trainings for students
    • Staff support
    • Individual and Group counselling
    • Mentoring
    • Actual work experience
    • Character building, etc.

| Learner Support

It is believed that every child has individual differences which make him/her unique from the rest of the world. In the midst of this uniqueness, we realize that individuals also need to move from a present state to a better state. For this to be achieved, we have an array of programmes specially designed to assist students identify and develop the academic potential resident in them. Such programmes include: Better Handwriting-which helps students with below average handwriting develop better ways of writing. Students in this group are given special attention within dedicated hours to constantly improve on their handwriting. Turning scribbles to calligraphies! Other programmes are:

    • Extra classes for below average students
    • Withdrawal programme
    • Classes with small numbers of students
    • Teaching resources to support theory
    • Referring students for psychometric testing
    • Learning differentiation
    • Extracurricular activities
    • Policy on countering bullying

| Career Guidance

Landmark College offers a wide range of services intended to assist the students to make educational, training and educational choices for the future. The services may take place on an individual or group basis and may be face-to-face which include career information provision, assessment and self-assessment tools, counselling interviews, career education programmes to help individuals develop their self awareness, opportunity awareness, and career management skills. The counsellor right from orientation inculcates in the students the habit of believing in themselves, their interest and ability in career choice rather than doing what their friends are doing. She invites professionals from various walks of life to talk and interact with the students on the Career Day.

Students receiving career guidance.
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