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Teaching without tears: Landmark College celebrates staff appreciation day
October 4, 2023 at 11:00 PM
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In a heartwarming display of appreciation and camaraderie, the dedicated educators of Landmark College in Ikorodu came together to celebrate Global Teachers Day.

This joyous event, aptly tagged "Staff Appreciation Day," took place today in the college hall, brimming with exciting and electrifying activities that underscored the significance of teachers in shaping young minds.

The event was declared open by the college Principal, Sanni J.A., who took a moment to express his profound gratitude to the teachers for their unwavering commitment to the noble profession.

With genuine humility, Sanni stated, "Teaching is a thankless job. Only God can sufficiently reward you. Today, we are all here to celebrate your commitment to duties and appreciate all you are doing to impart the lives of your students."

The principal also used this platform to impart an important message to the students, urging them to show respect to their teachers. He emphasized that the students' attitude towards their studies and their teachers would undoubtedly influence their academic performance, either positively or negatively.

Margaret Olufunke Ademosu, a member of the college board of directors, also emphasised the importance of showing courtesy and obedience to the teachers.

She reminded the students that until they become graduates, they remain under the guidance and supervision of these educators.

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Ademosu also highlighted the vital role parents play in their children's education, urging the students to repay their parents' investment by dedicating themselves to their studies and maintaining good behaviour.

"Your parents are spending so much on your education. The only way to compensate them is to focus on your studies and exhibit good behaviour at all times," she implored the students.

A guest and parent, Amusan Omolade, shared her personal journey and experiences to inspire the students. She recounted her humble beginnings at her grandmother's house, emphasising how her dedication to education and love for her teachers led to academic excellence.

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During the event, Landmark College teachers shared their own testimonies, expressing how the institution has positively impacted them.

Comfort Adegoke, a teacher and parent, applauded the college for its robust curricular and co-curricular activities, stating, "Landmark College has truly transformed my child. The college provides all the necessary resources for students to excel academically."

As a delightful twist, select students entertained the staff by mimicking their teachers, and the event featured captivating performances by the orchestra group.

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The highlight of the celebration culminated in the cutting of a celebratory cake and a delightful photoshoot to capture the cherished memories of this day dedicated to honouring teachers.

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