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School Head Girl Organises Workshop for Fellow Students
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by Akeem Alao
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In a bid to further sensitise the students to the relevance of quality education, Landmark College, Ikorodu, Lagos, has organised a one-day workshop tagged: 'Importance of Quality Education to Nigerian Youth' for all the senior students in the school.

The workshop, an initiative of the school Head Girl, Miss Samson Adikwu Eboh, was held in the school hall on Wednesday 11th March, 2020.

In his opening address, the school Principal, Mr Sanni J. A, explained to the students that the workshop was organised to sensitise them to the relevance of quality education.

"We have gathered here today to further keep you abreast of the relevance of education. This is an initiative of the school head girl. She felt the need to enlighten her fellow students on why you should prioritise education," he stated.

"We have decided to invite a seasoned educationist to talk to you. I hereby leverage this avenue to enjoin you to listen attentively," he added.

Speaking to the students, Mr Olayemi Ogunle of Trybes and Rhythm Consulting, affirmed that education goes beyond schooling. He stressed that education is life.

According to him, the problems confronting the northern part of the country are traceable to lack of quality education.

"Northern parts of Nigeria are facing challenges: terrorism, kidnapping, banditry and maiming. All these challenges are as a result of lack of quality education," he said.

He advised the students to take their secondary school education seriously. He noted that it is an essential stage that determines their performance at the university.

"Education is a means to bring dreams to reality. It makes a difference. It adds values to life. At this stage of yours, your priority is how to excel in your terminal examinations and prepare adequately for your university education," he noted.

He, however, postulated that character was an integral part of education. He stated that education without good character is nothing. He said,

"Character is key to whatever one is doing. It projects how far one can go in life."

He therefore explained the components of good character. He emphasised that good character centres on good management of distractions, time management, accountability, responsibility and obedience.

While speaking on the problems of education, he advised the students to distance themselves from certain actions.

"There are two things that every student is likely to face at the university: distraction and attraction. Today's students are incurably addicted to use of phone. I want to advise you to distance yourselves from things that will not add values to your life," he concluded.

The session became more interesting during the questions and answers.

The workshop was moderated by one of the school's English Studies teachers, Mr Agboola O. A.