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Landmark College Students Immerse in Intensive Five-Day Leadership Training
April 21, 2024 at 1:00 AM
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In a transformative experience aimed at cultivating leadership skills, students from Landmark College, Ikorodu embarked on a rigorous five-day leadership training programme filled with workshops, seminars and practical activities.

The five-day leadership training programme was organised for the senior secondary school two students to equip them for various leadership positions.

The training commenced on Monday April 15th, with an orientation seminar by Dr Nelson Ayodele, the CEO of Standard Mandate International (SMI).

The session highlighted the essence of leadership, after which students were grouped, accompanied by insights from Dr Nelson on leadership fundamentals.

Day two of the programme began with an exercise drill. After this, the students were engaged in a class session which focused on developing problem-solving mindsets, led by a seasoned Lagos-based speaker, Ms Yemisi Doherty.

Doherty delved into the intricacies of leadership problem-solving, assigning group tasks that engaged students' critical thinking skills.

The third day centered on character-building as a foundation for leadership, with sessions on successful leadership principles. Students explored John C. Maxwell's work on leadership excellence, emphasizing the significance of character and commitment.

Day four ventured into practical applications with an endurance walk and an excursion to a local amusement park, offering students a well-rounded experience outside the classroom.

The final day of the training included a visit to the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library and Olumo Rock. Students engaged in an educational tour, learning about historical artifacts and insights into leadership from former President Obasanjo's life.

The entire programme concluded with a certificate award ceremony and reflections on lessons learned.

Dr Nelson Ayodele urged students to apply their newfound skills in their academic and personal lives, emphasizing the importance of leadership in shaping future endeavours.

This comprehensive training not only provided students with theoretical knowledge but also practical experiences, equipping them with valuable tools for their future leadership roles.

The Landmark College leadership training exemplified a commitment to nurturing well-rounded and capable leaders of tomorrow.

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Important Information

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