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I still believe that the standard of education in Nigeria is excellent -- Olamide Akinyemi
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by Akeem Alao
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This is an interactive session with Olamide Akinyemi, an SS3 students.

I still believe that the standard of education in Nigeria is excellent - Olamide Akinyemi

Can we meet you?

Olamide: My name is Olamide Akinyemi. I am the Assembly Prefect (Christian) of Landmark College, Ikorodu. I am from Lagos State but I live at Honorable David Oladayo Street, Ibafo, Ogun State. Presently I am in SS3. I have a passion for engineering. My hobby is singing. My best color is yellow. Also my best food is Jollof rice and chicken. I like to learn new things no matter how. I believe that it is when I am dead that I stop learning. Another thing about me it that I am a friendly person but I don’t like it when people take me for granted.

What has been your experience at landmark?

Olamide: My experience so far at Landmark College has been wonderful. If people should ask what has been my best experience, I would say that my best experience was when I was in secondary school at Landmark College. When I was in JSS1 I thought it would be a horrible experience. So when I told my dad and mom, they told me that life was never complete without problems. I have begun to realize the reality of that parental assertion now that I am in SS3. I can say much but, what I can say is a beautiful, interesting place that helps me to achieve my goals, which I think have achieved as a result of landmark.

Do you have a mentor in the school?

Olamide: Yes, the name of my mentor is Mr. Adeniyi. He teaches Information and Communication Technology. He advises me on how to be disciplined and he always tells that proper preparation leads to success.

How would you rate your school, in terms of quality education, standard and teaching?

Olamide: So far in Lagos State, I have not seen any school that provides a high quality education like Landmark College. The reason is that when I came to this school, I was very poor academically. Now, I am better and I am proud of myself. Thanks to Landmark College.

What ugly experience have you had in the school?

Olamide: Have not really had any ugly experience apart from when I was called a big head in junior school.

What is your future ambition?

Olamide: I would like to become an Aeronautic Engineer.


Olamide: The reason is that I have a great passion for repairing and building of airplanes especially. The first time I saw a documentary on air crash investigation and also repairing, building of planes, I was motivated a lot, I became more interested in the field. I wish at the end of everything, I would be the greatest ever known aeronautic engineer in the world.

As a boarder, will you encourage any of the day student to reside in the hostel? Why?

Olamide: Yes, I will encourage day students to be in the hostel due to the fact that you get to meet new students of different behaviour and also learn how to tolerate people. It will also help you study if you know what you are doing. It has a lot of prestigious things to learn and also you get to have more time for education. Being in the hostel is interesting and fun, especially at Landmark College, Ikorodu.

How would you rate the standard of education of this country?

Olamide: To be sincere with you, I will say that the standard of education in Nigeria is good, even better than some other countries. The only problem is that we don’t value our education system and the government must see education as a priority. Because the government pay less attention to education, many schools do not have good hands to teach the students. Many competent teachers have run to other countries to teach, leaving Nigeria with a few good teachers.