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Career Day 2024: Landmark College Inspires Students to Discover Future Paths
May 28, 2024 at 9:00 PM

Landmark College, Ikorodu hosted its annual Career Day event on Tuesday May 28, 2024.

The event, themed "Discovering Your Potential: A Blend of Professions and Different Vocational Careers," aimed to provide students with insights into various career options.

The event took place in the college Excellence Hall and featured presentations by seasoned professionals and successful entrepreneurs.

The school principal, Mr. J.A. Sanni, officially opened the event with an encouraging speech.

He emphasised the importance of students paying attention to detail and using the opportunity to gather valuable information for making informed career choices.

"We have a lot of resources available for the students of this great institution. We guide them through their career selection process, particularly for the JS3 and SS3 students. This is the primary reason for organising this event," Sanni stated.

The event highlighted the commitment of Landmark College to supporting students in their career development and helping them explore various professional and vocational paths.

In her keynote address, the College Counsellor, Mrs. Odion-Ehigiator C.B, provided an educational session on the concepts of profession and vocation, focusing on the essential skills needed for career success.

Mrs. Eghiator emphasised the importance of career choice in determining students' strengths and the necessity of embracing lifelong learning.

She highlighted the value of interacting with industry authorities and cultivating a growth mindset.

"As students, your choice of career will be determined by your strengths. You must embrace lifelong learning and engage with experts in your field. Additionally, cultivating a growth mindset is crucial," Mrs. Eghiator explained.

She also advised the students to seek help when facing challenges and to maximise their potential.

"Where there are challenges, seek help and strive to maximise your potential," she urged.

A seasoned economist, Mr. Ayo Ajifolawe, inspired the students to pursue their career choices with enthusiasm and dedication. He emphasised the importance of cultivating a good reading habit, noting that even successful businesspeople are avid readers.

"As a businessman, I am also a reader. You can't become a successful businessman without reading books about others," Mr. Ajifolawe stated. He stressed that every individual is an expression of infinite purpose, and every student has the unlimited ability to achieve great things.

"Whatever you desire to achieve is within your reach, depending on your efforts," he said.

He further encouraged students to embrace vocational training, highlighting its potential to elevate their professional standing. "Vocation is very powerful; it can take you to a higher level," he added.

Ajifolawe explained that to determine their career paths, the students must define their purpose, objectives, goals, and strengths. He clarified the distinction between profession and vocation, pointing out that combining education with vocational skills is the surest path to financial independence.

He concluded by advising the students to continually seek knowledge and engage in value-adding activities.

Mr. Adebayo S.K., a data analyst, provided students with a roadmap to pursuing a career in data analysis. He emphasized that critical thinking is essential for success in this field.

"To become a successful data analyst, students must develop a critical thinking mentality," he stated.

A graduate from University of Cambridge and an Information Technology expert, Mr. Adenubi, also addressed the gathering. He underscored the importance of understanding the rationale behind every action. "Knowledge and certification are key to succeeding in IT," he emphasised.

"Information technology is essential for success in life. Regardless of the course you choose to study, IT skills are necessary," Adenubi explained.

He highlighted that individuals with a solid IT background achieve financial independence, citing examples from countries such as the USA and the UK.

"The use of IT opens up lucrative career paths and can be leveraged to simplify tasks in any profession," he added. Furthermore, he noted that a strong foundation in mathematics is a significant prerequisite for a career in IT.

Mrs Ayesame Egamana, an experienced event planner, guided the students on the steps to becoming a successful event planner. She emphasised that effective event planning starts with budgeting.

"To plan an event effectively, you must first define its purpose and scope," Egamana explained. "You need to determine the desired ambiance of the venue, including the décor. This involves deciding on the color scheme and overall aesthetics. Attention to detail is crucial for an event planner."

She also noted that a background in food and nutrition is not necessary for a career in event planning.

"Event planning requires training and dedication. You can acquire the necessary skills from individuals and organisations," she added.

Engr. Nasir Oluyemo educated the students on various fields within engineering and provided guidance on the steps to becoming a successful engineer.

He emphasised the importance of excelling in specific subjects essential for an engineering career.

"Engineers are successful individuals, but choosing this career path is not easy. It requires significant effort and dedication," Oluyemo stated. "You must take mathematics and other science subjects seriously to excel in this field."

Mr Agoro, a Lagos-based lecturer and professional photographer, explained to the students that both photos and videos fall under the umbrella of photography.

Highlighting its significance, he noted that "photography is essential for documenting historical events."

"Photography can inspire people to change for the better and plays a crucial role in advertising and marketing products for companies," Agoro stated.

He further illustrated its educational value, explaining that teachers use photos and videos to enhance student understanding.

Agoro concluded his session by distinguishing between photographs and snapshots.

The event was moderated by two teachers, Mr. Osaze and Mrs. Adegoke. And the college orchestra group entertained the audience with sonorous music.

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