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Counselling Session: Relationship between Self-discipline and Having Good Dress Sense
March 24, 2021 at 3:00 PM
by Landmark College Counselling Unit
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Self-discipline has often been defined as “the ability to work hard or behave in a particular way without needing anyone else to tell you what to do.”

Dressing, on the other hand, refers to an act of putting on clothes and is usually a means of expressing our individuality. Good dress sense, therefore, is knowing what to wear, when and how to wear it; it also involves dressing appropriately at all times.

"The way we dress affects the way we think, the way we feel, the way we act and the way others react to us" — Judith Bashand

It is important to note that the value pattern of an individual influences the way he or she dresses i.e. it takes a person who is self-disciplined and who also has high moral standards to dress appropriately at all times.

This is because; the way an individual dresses reveals the self-identity and taste of the wearer. Besides, dressing is an expression of our individuality and it usually provides psychological security and confidence.

"The way you dress is a reflection of your personality" — Alessandro Michele

Hence, as nobles of Landmark College, you are expected to always dress decently inside and outside the school premises.

Importance of having Good Dress Sense

1. It shows one's maturity.

2. It reflects one's self-worth.

3. It forms good impression about one.

4. It uplifts one's appearance.

Thank you!

"The way you dress determines the way you will be addressed."

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